Extending your digital ‘shelf-life’

Posted on 22 March 2016

Jim Rawson

A client recently asked, “If we invest in redesigning our website now, how long can we expect it to stay fresh?” – or words to that effect. A great question, and one that led me to think a little deeper after my initial (and probably unhelpful) answer to the client: “Well, it depends…”...

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Black Friday: Seasonal shopping milestone or black mark on the retail calendar?

Posted on 09 December 2015

Sage Pay

Who doesn't love a bargain?

Following the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend of frenzied online sales and shopping bonanza, our consumerist habits continue to astound on our hunt for the ultimate cut-price deal.

The dust is beginning to settle following this's years Black Friday stampeeds and parcels are knocking on our doorsteps relvealing the extent of our online Cyber Monday antics! How did you get on? Were you in denial about how much you really spent or aware of all your bargain buys? Sage Pay released a blog about 2015's experiences...

Likened to a real life version of The Hunger Games, where frenzied shoppers will do just about anything to get their hands on a bargain, Black Friday is often eyed with suspicion by retailers. The big shopping weekend, where Black Friday is followed by its online counterpart Cyber Monday, sandwiches US and Canadian festival, Thanksgiving. Until a few years ago the concept wasn’t particularly well received in the UK but the internet boom and the wider adoption of US culture and customs by British consumers has to led to Black Friday now becoming a benchmark in our own retail calendars. As the day approaches, the question remains as to whether Black Friday is actually favourable towards businesses and consumer...

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Latest in Content creation and social media

Posted on 10 September 2015

By now the impact of the social media revolution is no longer a secret – but getting it done just right and moving with the times is.  The take up of social media by organisations both small and large as a key business tool, has continued to accelerate and is constantly changing.  This means that marketers have to continually evolve to best interact with consumers and enhance their brand.

This greater awareness has also resulted in increased competition on social media, with marketers recognising that it’s no longer good enough to simply have a social presence, but to be proactive with what they put out on social media – by having a well-planned content curation strategy.

Consider your platform in your approach

When planning a proactive content strategy though, it’s important to remember to take note of what platforms you are using to share your content. Whilst Facebook continues to be the most dominant social media platform in terms of numbers, consumers are also opting for a range of niche platforms for different purposes - Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, FourSquare, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+ (to name a few) - and they are all vying for attention amongst consumers...

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Your guide to web design and web development

Posted on 16 June 2015

Microsoft after

What is web design and development? Web design and web development – two very different faces of the same coin, go hand in hand when embarking on a website project.  Web design is the customer-facing aspect of any website – how it looks, feels and how visitors interact with it - ‘the fun bit’.  Web development however, is the actual code-writing of the website itself – the back-end build, or the ‘more technical’ side to you and I; and for a successful website, you inevitably need both (and a whole pile of other stuff too!).

Why is good design and development so important? If you’ve ever visited a website that contains flashy animations, auto playing theme tunes or faulty buttons then maybe you already know the answer to this question!  Poorly designed and developed websites lead to fewer visitors and enquiries, reduced return on investment and in severe cases, a damaged business reputation.  Even if you get just a few elements of your website wrong, the negative impact can be substantial.  For instance a site that has not been properly tested on different web browsers and devices could lead to inconsistent or frustrating user experiences, shaving significant percentages off your website’s target audience and reducing the probability of a return visit...

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Looking for an easy to edit website?

Posted on 02 June 2015

easy to edit website

With the explosion of digital and content marketing, it’s no surprise that having an easy to edit website as a core marketing channel for your business should be a number one priority for your company this year.

Having an easy to edit website makes your job easier – whether it’s to better communicate your products or services to your target audience, or to make your company stand out as a voice of authority within your sector.  Having the ability to quickly and easily edit, manage, add to and delete your online content, tone of voice, value offer and online company communications is priceless in this digital age.  With easy to edit websites, you can control all of your content - anytime, allowing multiple users access at no extra cost and ensuring that even non-technical personnel are able to effortlessly control the copy on your website.

Considerations for an easy to edit website When considering a new website project, or website re-launch, it’s important to understand what we mean by choosing a website that’s ‘easy to edit’.  Gone are the days where your only option for editing your website was to phone up your web developer and pay hefty hourly rates for them to add to and change your copy!  Companies should be able to have full editorial control over their content,  with the ability to create whole new web pages, add images, documents, hyperlinks and even input SEO data with ease. Not only is this cheaper than paying someone else to do it, but it also means that you have the power to influence your website’s search engine results positioning on Google...

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