Mobile apps - what's all the fuss about?

Posted on 17 November 2014

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With more and more people now using mobile apps, have you begun to wonder whether your company should invest in them too? According to statistics from Smart Insights, around 25% of all mobile users worldwide are using a smartphone - that's one billion people! It's one reason why mobile optimised content is becoming not only a priority but a necessity...

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Social Media Management - Help!

Posted on 22 September 2014

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If you're looking at this article you're probably feeling quite overwhelmed about the whole 'social media thing'. You're not alone - many people feel very lost when sitting down to review and promote their business' social presence. There are so many different platforms, so many things to do and so little time! It can be really difficult to know what to focus on and how to effectively manage your time on as task that could easily take up your entire day.

This is why we thought it would be a great idea to write an article to help you out and stop you falling into a social media pit of doom...

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10 free digital marketing tools for web novices!

Posted on 21 August 2014


We all know that the future is digital, but where do you start if you're not really into your digital marketing, or have a brand new website that you're not taking advantage of? Do you sweat in fear when you hear the words 'social media' and 'seo'?

We're not going to pretend it's all easy - let's face it, everyone would be doing it! But there are some tips and tricks out there for even the most notice of web users. Are you ready? Let's go.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management system. Think of it as a dashboard where you can integrate all of your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) in one place. This means you can write a post and schedule it for anytime in the future, and you don't have to log in and out of each network each time. You can also use it to post to multiple social networks at once - a great time saving tool!

2. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is like Hootsuite, but just for Twitter. You can schedule tweets but you can also organise and build custom Twitter timelines - for instance with columns of 'favourites', 'notifications', 'messages' and 'mentions', helping you keep on track of activity. Another cool feature is that you can create people 'lists' - so if you are following loads of people or businesses, you can set up a separate column on the Tweetdeck dashboard of the ones you are really interested in. This means you won't miss an important tweet in the plethora of activity from other people you are following!...

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5 tips for building your online brand

Posted on 25 July 2014

5 tips for building your brand online

For many businesses, it can be a real challenge figuring out how to start going about building or improving your brand online.

Your team may have reached a crossroads where the old website you had built 10 years ago is not meeting targets, looks very outdated or simple doesn't reflect your brand. Everyone's talking about digital marketing, responsive designs and app development and you're worried that your brand's online presence is fast becoming obsolete compared to your competitors.

As we all know, time and resources are limited, so where should we focus our efforts on?

Here's 5 tips for building or improving your brand online:

1. Re-evaluate your website

Does your website visually reflect your brand, its products and services, and concept? Your online presence is an extension to all of your offline activities - for example your sales representatives, marketing brochures, business cards (to name a few) and they should all reflect the same brand and marketing messages. This means much more than merely ensuring you have your logo slapped onto everything - it's the style, tone of voice, design and vision...

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