Isle of Man Job Centre


  • Touchscreen interface for browser-based system

In 2007 the Isle of Man JobCentre approached PDMS because they wanted to improve the walk-in JobCentre facility in Douglas.

At the time, the JobCentre still used the card index system, with each job being manually printed onto a small card, which was then placed in the categorised appropriate rack. This was time consuming for both employees and jobseekers as they had to carry slips of paper around and make a note of reference numbers, and take them to the enquiries counter in order to get full details of the vacancy.

Consequently the JobCentre began a project to rebrand the JobCentre, and refit the interior with touchscreen kiosks at which Jobseekers would be able to browse and print jobs themselves, saving time for both themselves and the staff.

PDMS developed a version of the JobCentre website, specifically designed to run on secure kiosk PC's which were installed in the JobCentre. Digital Design designed the interface and worked closely with the PDMS development teams to ensure the usability and accessibility of the touchscreen interfaces. In total there are 10 kiosks with 5 standing terminals and 5 seated.

The new JobCentre has been extremely well received and continues to provide an easy and quick way for local residents to check the latest vacancies.