Manx Electricity Authority

What the client says

"PDMS were always very capable in their dealings with MEA. They were happy to respond to change requests within reasonable timescales and were quick to respond during testing re bug fixing etc.  At all times they demonstrated a professional approach to their dealings with MEA and I am happy to recommend them to other potential customers."

Gary Corkill - Manx Electricity Authority



  • Custom design
  • Submit electricity meter readings online
  • Public information portal
  • Content management framework

The Manx Electricity Authority(MEA) website had not been changed or updated since 2004. The MEA decided that a new design would make the website look more up-to-date and would encourage customers to use the site more regularly. 

The new design needed to provide easy and comprehensive access to all relevant information via a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Alongside a restructuring of content areas within the website, Digital Design implemented a new homepage layout which encourages users to get straight to the information they're looking for via 6 key content areas.

For ease of navigation, the website also features a menu down the left hand side of the page which is a common feature of all Isle of Man Government websites.

The header area of the site was redesigned to present the familar MEA logo mark in a fresh way.

Benefits of the new site include;

  • A reduction in the amount of  time MEA have to spend dealing with counter and phone enquiries as information is now easier to find and current
  • Comprehensive information on the MEA and their processes being fully accessible and downloadable 24/7
  • Reduction in paper records and storage requirements
  • More informed customers
  • Easily updateable information through the government admin site
  • Save on Postage Costs and Administration Time
  • Easy Access to information for user
  • Comply with recommended standards of accessibility
  • Increased professional image and reputation