Better position on Google


Clients often ask us how they can get their website to appear higher up in the search engine results position (SERPs) for a particular phrase or phrases. While this is not always a straightforward or simple task - and is not something that can be 'switched on' - there are a number of ways that we can help and advise and SEO should be considered from the outset of a new website development.

At the initation of your project we can help you to assess where your current website (if you have one), and your competitors' sites, currently appear in the search engines for relevant 'search terms'. We can also help you to identify appropriate 'keywords' and search terms for which you would like your new site to be found in the search engines. (These should be based on the needs and research methods of your website's users, rather than your internal or company-specific terminology).

During the development of your website we will undertake a number of technical "on-site optimisation" tasks. This will include structuring your site in a search friendly way and setting up your content management system (CMS) to empower your staff to undertake certain SEO-related activities for themselves. 

We will train your website editors to add content, 'metadata' and other page elements according to 'best practice', which will give your website an edge over the competition.

When your site content is complete and the site is released to 'live', Digital Design can ensure that it is submitted to the search engines, and, if required, help you with "off-site optimisation" activities.

Your ongoing website marketing efforts may include:

  • obtaining referrals/ links from other sites (backlinking),
  • participating in online communities (for example via social media such as Twitter, Linked In and Facebook, or other relevant forums) which then directs visitors to your website, 
  • paying for your site to appear in search engines' results pages for certain words or phrases (paid search), and
  • more traditional offline promotions such as advertisements and flyers.

Assessing or 'benchmarking' the results of your various SEO and marketing activities, and tweaking and adding to your site content, are then an ongoing activity that is required to maintain or improve your site's ranking in the search engines. This is something that you can undertake for yourselves, or with input from the Digital Design team.