Web and interface design



What is good web design?

Contrary to popular belief, it's not flashy animations, videos on a loop or a 'feature' that transforms your mouse pointer into a grinning cat!

There are a large number of conventions around web and interface design, and getting any one of these wrong can have a negative impact on the way your website visitors interact with your site or application. A badly positioned button, a form that has not been browser tested or simply inconsistent navigation (menus) can quickly make your visitors reach for the 'back' button.

We will spend time with you to understand what you want to achieve: we'll ask lots of questions about your customers, your competitors, your brand, your taste and your business. This helps us deliver a design that will be very close to your expectations without having to resort to time-consuming revisions and iterations. 

For content-rich websites, we will help you devise a 'site map' that details the structure of your website. This also helps to inform the design of key pages of the site such as the homepage, which acts as a funnel to other areas of the site.

We use 'wireframing' techniques where necessary to ensure that transactions and functions are carried out in a straightforward way - we find it allows us to focus on what the user expects on any given screen.

At the same time, we understand the desire of many of our commercial clients to 'make an impact' and we specialise in transforming brands to an online environment. We believe the ideal soution is to create an experience that the user barely notices, while affirming the brand in the mind of the user in a subtle but memorable way.

The Digital Design team is adopts current best practice in line with industry standards and aims for high levels of accessibility and usability.